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How to verify your WordPress blog for Google’s webmaster tool? has a built in stats that provides us with our traffic data but if you want to get additional data about your traffic then you can head for Google's webmaster tool. Google's webmaster tool gives you information like the number of people coming through Google queries and number of people viewing specific post or page.

How to add social media icons to footer or sidebar of your blog?'s free plan is a great option for beginners who want to jump into the blogging world. Though the free plan has some limitations such as installing any plugin or a custom theme, as nothing in this world comes for free. We believe that putting social media stuffs on your blog provides better connectivity between your readers and you.’s New Editor-a gift to WordPress users introduced a new feature for their users, this new feature is their new editor. It is more like a gift to all the fellow bloggers who use WordPress as their CMS.

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