Hello everyone! We have decided not to abandon this blog as it was pretty helpful to our friends, so here I am with a short tutorial.

I personally believe that having an excerpt at your home page gives a more cleaner look to your blog, but there are many themes that don’t support excerpts creating a bit messy look of your blog.

Let’s see an example,


as we can see that the picture on the right has more cleaner layout rather than that on the left. This actually happened to our blog when I forgot to add an excerpt to my post and i fixed it today!, quite lazy huh!

The theme which I am using is Baskerville. Its’s a cool theme but it doesn’t support excerpts, so I have to add excerpts myself, too bad for the lazy ones like me!

Okay now let’s get back to our tutorial for adding an except when your theme doesn’t support it!

I am gonna show you the two ways of showing excerpts on your home page,you can use either one of it:

Using the excerpt option:

When you create or edit any post you can see some handy options on the left side of your editor, get to the More Options.


Now you may be able to see the excerpt option under it, just put in your desired text that you want to be shown as excrept and when you publish your post you may see an excrept.

But remember to select the excerpt option in the Content Options setting in the Customizer


This was quite easy but if it doesn’t work for you, just keep reading!

Using the more tag:

Create a new post or edit any one of your posts.

In case you are creating a new post, add some content to your post, after you have added few lines to your post.

Now add a read more tag in your post,


Once you click it, you’ll see the split appear in your post.



By default, “Continue Reading” will appear as the text for the link, but you may change this.

We will be changing “Continue Reading” to “Continue Reading→”, switch to the HTML editor and look for <!--more-->


Add a space after “more” and then type in “Continue Reading→”.

This will insert a read more link that says “Continue Reading→” instead of the default message.

Now Publish your post and have a look at your home page.


So now you have a cleaner home page with exrepts showing instead of your full content!

I hope it helped you! If you have any suggestions or any query or if facing any problem, feel free to drop us a message through our contact page.