WordPress.com introduced a new feature for their users, this new feature is their new editor. It is more like a gift to all the fellow bloggers who use WordPress as their CMS.

So lets take a brief look at the new features included with this new gift.

Features Included:

Fast and Responsive Now you can create posts and pages quickly on desktop and mobile devices.

Great look Enjoy distraction free writing with the new interface.

Quick Access Get one click access to your drafts.

Instant saving Your content gets automatically and instantly saved.

Improved post preview Now see how your content looks on other devices.


Drag and drop Now you can add media files into your post by simply dragging them into your content.



Easy scheduling Easily schedule your post using the new post calendar. It also shows your other scheduled posts also.



Missing Features:

The only missing feature in this editor is the proofreading, some of the bloggers may find this a little disappointing but we hope that this feature will soon be included with the new update.


Things that need to be improved:

Many bloggers were concerned about the missing word count feature which has been updated but you have to scroll down to the end of the page to see the counter.


Another feature that needs improvement is the editor drawer that slides under panel box, if you are at the end of the page and want to add a featured image to your post then you have to go way back to the top to do so.



With our use of this new editor we can say that it is a faster and easier way to manage the content of your blog.